Quality packaging for quality products.

The KRONOS dropper from DieterBakicEnterprises combines high-class optic with a remarkably smooth handling and conveys therefore a cosmetic sense to the consumer.

It joins all the benefits of a reliable pump system without metal parts. The pipette is made of plastic, which prevents breakage unlike in the case of long glass pipettes. Contrary to the rubber cap system, the dosage is very precise (0.4 ml per intake). The pipette doesn't leak, as it discharges the intake only when pressed at the top (different to rubber cap systems). Additionally, to minimize leakage, a little wiper inside the bottle was added, which cleans the pipette from the product when the dropper is taken out of the bottle. The KRONOS dropper from Bakic includes a NBR piston and a special stem resistant to additives (not compatible with polyolefin pistons), which are more and more used in oily formulas. It makes the dropper perfectly compatible with all the latest serums and oils which are out now on the market.

The dropper is available in the sizes 10 ml, 15 ml, 20 ml and 30 ml.